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Please browse below for a more detailed list of services. There is NO project that is too large or too small. Due to the variety of the projects and the customized specific needs of our clients, pricing varies. On some specific types of services, we offer fixed pricing, so please contact us for more information. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to browse, we completely understand. Please contact us at 817-772-5752 or email HERE for immediate information on services, skills and work history or with your questions.

Decision Making/Facilitation: Hands on project management and/or facilitation with the goal of bringing a project, small to large to fruition. From discovery, mapping, resourcing, launch and implementation, these projects can be managed completely or facilitated between the established project manager and client’s principals. This may additionally include:

  • Needs assessment with the goal of creating a subset of options that best fits what the client needs to accomplish in any particular decision making process.
  • Potential staff screening, interviews and hiring for the whole or parts of the information system departments.
  • High level client management and/or board presentations to communicate how the decision making process was developed.

Outsourced Manager: Clients of a certain size and need, use my services as a replacement to hiring a full time information systems manager.

  • Assuming the responsibilities of a department manager on an as-needed basis meeting.
  • Structured meetings with high level management and departmental personnel to deliver finished work to the information systems department.

Augmented Manager:  Hired for clients that need additional high level management of a special project or department to augment existing managers and personnel.

  • This role tends to be very specific to a client’s needs. 

– Project Management

Project Manager-Traditional: Clients use services on a variety of projects relating to information systems, accounting and processing areas. These services include leading a new project from start to finish utilizing client’s vendors, personnel and other outside resources.

  • Project timelines, budgeting and resource allocation.
  • Client project updates, resource management.
  • Facilitation of project implementation and wrap up.

Project Manager-Internal: Clients use services on a temporary basis to manage a new project from start to finish utilizing client’s vendors, internal personnel and other resources.

  • Project timelines, budgeting and resource allocation.
  • Client project updates, resource management.
  • Facilitation of project implementation and wrap up.

Project Manager-Outsourced: Clients use services on a temporary basis to manage a new project from start to finish utilizing subcontractors, and outside resources. This type of project does not require internal personnel with the exception of departmental reporting.

  • Project timelines, budgeting and resource allocation.
  • Client project updates, resource management.
  • Facilitation of project implementation and wrap up.

 Project Facilitation: Clients use services to facilitate between an established project manager or vendor and a client’s principals.

    • Facilitate via project manager, project timelines, budgeting and resource allocation.
    • Communication of project’s progress to client’s principal, upper management and/or board.
    • Facilitation of project implementation and wrap up.

-Information Systems Management (Specifically)

Short Term Departmental Manager: Clients use management services on a temporary basis to augment or substitute an existing information systems position until a replacement can be acquired.

  • Assume all responsibilities for position until replacement can be found.
  • Assist in the acquisition of personnel for the vacant position including screening, interviews and final placement.
  • Assist in the transition of a new hire into the responsibilities of the job.

General Consulting: A sounding board for clients, at management level, to help in the decision making processes involved in creating, augmenting and changing their information, processing and accounting systems, for both short or long term structure or for the needs of special projects.

  • Assist clients to make decisions based on experience available through Kevin Miller and his network of resources.
  • Assist clients to understand future changes in systems, processes or software and how these may affect their business. More importantly assist clients to evaluate decisions based on past experiences with systems, processes or software.
  • A sounding board for companies at management levels including boards to help in the long term decision making process based on rapidly changing technology.
  • Involvement in creating, augmenting or down scaling a client’s information, processing, or accounting systems departments due to currently changing technologies.
  • Take the client’s ideas and requirements for projects, research these needs, and create a subset of options that best fits with the client’s ultimate goal.

Software Application Design: Clients use services to design software to fulfill a need using modern programming languages, applications servers, and backend databases.

  • Acquisition of application requirements, application design, flowcharting, and technical direction for programming individuals or teams.
  • This may move into a project management or facilitation role.

 Accounting/ Processing System Implementation: Clients use services to help in the purchase, implementation of new software and infrastructure.

  • Accounting: Design of chart of accounts, classifications, invoicing/sales orders, payables, and payroll.
  • Data conversion from old legacy accounting/processing systems.
  • Reporting customization and integration to outside reporting software and applications.
  • See “Additional items” below for more accounting related services.

IT Facilities Re-location Management: Clients use either a full service or augmented service for existing staff to handle all aspects of moving an information systems department(s) or information systems within a business from one location to another.

  • Entire project creation and management.
  • Inventory, insurance and equipment preparation.
  • Coordination of new services and cancellation of old with goal of no down time.
  • Management physical move, installation and setup of system in new location
  • Final trouble shooting and re-inventory.

Software Compliance Audit: Clients use this service to inventory, and research compliance with licensing in accordance with software vendor agreements and regulations.

  • Identify all software owned, and all software not in compliance with software vendor licensing.
  • Report all software licensing issues.
  • Help clients get into compliance with current software licensing.

 Additional Services:  

  • Accounting Project Facilitation
  • Accounting Systems Transition
  • POS, Legal, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Insurance, Statutory and General Accounting.
  • CRM Integration Facilitation – DealCoud©, SalesForce©, InfusionSoft© and Others
  • Accounting Systems Expert: QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Non-Profit), Sage One (Peach Tree), Cougar Mountain (Denali) and others.


    • E-Commerce Solutions (PayPal, Amazon, others)
    • Website Development and Integration (WordPress, HTML5, DNN, Joomla, others)
    • Amazon Cloud and Web Services
    • Google Cloud Databases and Web Services
    • Microsoft Cloud and Web Services
    • Cloud Based Systems and Storage Integration
    • Microsoft Office 365 – SharePoint
    • Other / Custom Solutions

Evaluation and Streamling 

  • Streamlining and creating company communication solutions.
  • Streamlining and creating company software solutions.

Retail Pont of Sale 

  • Restaurant POS implementation as part of opening new business or new location.
  • Retail multi-location POS implementation.
    • General Retail
    • Convenience Store

Website and Social Media 

  • Website Design
  • Website Project Management and Facilitation
  • Website ADA Compliance
    • Consulting
    • ADA site checklist support

Home Network Consulting: Home clients use services to help in understanding and implementing home WIFI and Wired networks.

  • Helping you take control of  your home network while using service providers like Google Fiber, Time Warner / Spectrum, AT&T, and others with the emphasis on making your network efficient and easy to manage.
  • Training on home network and computer security and internet safety.
  • Consulting on child monitoring systems for devices, home computers and networks.

Home Automation: Home clients use services to help in understanding and implementing a wide range and variety of home automation devices available in today’s market, Including alarms systems, video cameras and doorbells, lights, appliances and many others.

  • Basic training to understand how home automation works and what to expect in the near future.
  • Consulting on the types of home automation hubs that are available and which is the best fit for your circumstances.
  • Help in partnership with Geeks 4 hire with the installation of your home automation system using the hubs and devices you purchase at the stores you are most comfortable with purchasing electronics.

Working At Home Remotely: Home clients use this service to take control of how their work’s remote connectivity is handled with an eye to maintaining your home computer system and network. Home computer and network systems today, are highly important to families. Families most likely have spent a lot of time and money getting things set up and working, so introducing mandatory work related software and connectivity can cause problems.

  • Facilitation with your work place and service provider when forced to change service providers.
  • Help and training for setting up users within a household, so work items are not accessed by tiny fingers.
  • Consulting and coordination with your work place on the implementation of your remote work technology. Some employers may even pay for this or subside the cost.