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The History

From the beginning, one key principle was true when we began and is still true to this day:

Listen carefully and understand your client!

Here’s a quick look at how we got to where we are today.

Established in September 1986, Kevin Miller’s company received its first $25,000 contract to help a small startup property and casualty insurance company successfully develop a unique processing and billing system. It ran on a personal computer network, thereby avoiding the larger main frame computers and associated costs, a working solution unheard of in those days. After taking on additional contract work, especially in the insurance industry, Kevin’s company grew, eventually adding staff and offices in downtown Kansas City. This growth allowed the flexibility and funds to move into other industry sectors including finance, property appraisal, distribution and manufacturing, accounting, trade and non-profit associations.

Transitioning with the rapid growth of the computer industry and the rapid expansion of applications development in the mid-1990s, Kevin saw the need to connect and partner with small companies and individual professionals, each with their own areas of expertise. This allowed Kevin and his company to focus on additional areas, including the management and facilitation of information, processing and accounting projects. In addition, working with the newly developing and more available technology of data connectivity, Kevin offered clients, unable to afford this tool before, the ability to connect multiple business location sites into one communicating network.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Kevin understood that computers, devices, applications, and connectivity were becoming commodities.  Kevin and his company saw the growing need to help his clients make good decisions on the management and implementation of these tools. Again, using partnerships with and through uniquely talented companies and professionals, Kevin advanced his experience and knowledge into the areas of the awaking internet, website development, point of sale implementation, and business to business communication and connectivity.

In today’s fast and ever-changing interconnected world, Kevin, his company and his network of partners are lean and agile. Today the focus is on project facilitation, management and consulting, both in and out of the information technology industry, always with the goal of helping clients make informed and strategic decisions. Kevin and My Decision Tree, LLC continue the exciting work. As always, they look to forge new and productive relationships with unique and talented companies and professionals. The mission and the goal have never changed:


Helping clients find the right map, path and destination to fulfilling their goals

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For additional information here is a handy PDF data sheet for Kevin Miller and My Decision Tree.

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