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Can't See The Forest For The Trees?

Welcome! My Decision Tree™ understands that in the complex world we live in today, information system projects are more complicated than they have ever been. Please consider letting Kevin Miller, My Decision Tree™ and our top of the line partners, help you with navigating that forest of decisions, communication, and tasks. Let our 35+ years of experience serve you in your next information technology plan or project. Take a few minutes to browse and investigate who were are and what we do.

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Hands-on project management and/or facilitation with the goal of bringing a project, of any size, to fruition. From discovery, mapping, resourcing, launch and implementation, these projects can be managed completely or facilitated between an established project manager and a client’s principals.


A sounding board for clients at the management level to help in their decision-making processes. Involvement in creating, augmenting and/or changing clients’ information, processing and accounting systems, for both short or long term structure or for the needs of special projects.


A wide variety of other services in niche areas are also available. When including our network of partners and savvy professionals, you are covered. This is also a great opportunity to tap the excellent quality and range of services that are available.

My Decision Tree™ In A Nut Shell

In today’s fast and ever-changing interconnected world, My Decision Tree™, Kevin Miller, and a network of partners and savvy professionals are lean and agile. We offer project facilitation, management, consulting as well as a variety of niche services. And we are committed to helping clients, from small to large, make informed and strategic decisions. My Decision Tree™, LLC and Kevin Miller are dedicated to this exciting work and have been since 1986. The mission and goal have never changed:

 We help our Clients find the right map, the right path and, the final destination in fulfilling their goals.

About Us

Learn more about how My Decision Tree™ & Kevin Miller have helped client’s nurture and manage IT projects for over 35 years.

Our Services

My Decision Tree™ offers a variety of tailored services for companies of all sizes. From simple consultations to large multi-level projects.

Let's Connect

Let My Decision Tree™, help you see the forest for the trees.  We are always there to listen and ready to help! Reach Out.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”   -Robert Frost

Technical & Professional Savvy

Technical skills of course are important. If My Decision Tree™ doesn’t have them, then one of our partners or savvy professionals does. Kevin Miller has the ability to work with technical people on many technical levels. But just as significant, is his strong ability to work, communicate and implement with clients – business owners, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, company principals, manager and boards of directors. The goal is to bridge levels of understanding in a way that ultimately leads to a successful project.

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